Photography from a Kid's Perspective

Got a camera? Got kids? Good! Now pass the camera to your children and let them go crazy, metaphorically. We're supporting Eye Level Hong Kong, a photography competition for children. Why, you ask? Well, simply because kids are awesome creatures and competitions are fun, and children look at things very differently. To begin with, there's the different eye level, hence the name, and what they consider as beautiful, rare and memorable are often very different and inspiring.

Interactive Surface with Thermal Cameras, Anyone?

thermal cameras

Hey, so how about some thermal cameras for interactive surfaces? Munich-based augmented-reality company Metaio is now venturing into that terrain. Metaio's new product Thermal Touch detects the traces of heat left behind when you touch something - from walls, books, tables and  even toys, as long as it's not made of metal - as interactive touch surfaces. This will be very exciting as the project matures and gets implemented as wearable technology.

Learning with General Sensing

The brilliant comedian Louis C.K. once said - and I’m paraphrasing here - that you can only learn if you put yourself in a new environment that makes you very uncomfortable. That wasn’t a joke by the way and we couldn’t agree more. This is especially true in the case of our new project with General Sensing (GS), a medical technology company based in Hong Kong.

Don’t get me wrong, the website revamp was a very exciting task with an uber cool team of tech-savvy geniuses at GS, who will literally save lives with their products.

10 Great Examples of Adaptive Websites

Adaptive design has evolved from being a strong trend to become a reality of the web today. In a world that has been conquered by mobile devices over the past two decades, no one now understands a website that cannot be viewed on different screen resolutions, or at the very least the minimum provided on smartphones and tablets. The latest surveys on internet use in many countries no longer make a point of discussing the use of these portable devices because they are a reality: connections to the internet from these devices has grown exponentially over recent years.